My first juicing experience?? oops!!

Here is a quick amusing story before my next post on the amazing benefits of juicing cabbage for ulcers/colitis/crohns.  

Back before I figured out how to really juice properly, I tried to make my first juice with a blender.  I thought “well I’ll just take a cucumber and a large amount of ginger and throw it in my blender”. I did just that and ran it for a while to really blend it up.  I took a sip and two things happened.  #1 The ginger burned my mouth so bad because I used a large amount, maybe for about 4 drinks worth. #2  I was also eating the chunks of cucumber and ginger peel. Next, I decided to try and strain it with a strainer designed only for pasta.  It poured all over the sink top and on the floor.  I lost about 50% of what I just made.  I then drank the 6oz that was left as quickly as I could and the ginger sent me through the roof!!! I decided that there might just be a better way after that horrible experience.  Luckily nobody was home to witness that!  So if you buy a juicer that is designed to juice, I would bet that your 1st experience will be great.  


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