Healing Crohn’s Disease: Step by Step

This post is about what I did in sequence to get rid of Crohn’s and its symptoms.  I cannot say that this will work for everyone, but it is certainly well worth a shot.  

Step 1:  I learned about all of the chemicals/preservatives that the FDA allows in our food.  I got out a few garbage bags and gathered it all up and replaced it with real organic food.  I gave up dairy and wheat products because they made things worse for me personally. I believe that there are certain ingredients in our food that cause a gradual imbalance in the gi tract and lead individuals to develop Crohn’s/Colitis and Diverticulitis.  

Step 2:  I worked with an alternative health doctor who helped me to cleanse my system of all bad bacteria, yeast (candida).  Essentially, bringing my gi tract back to beginnings.  He said “you can’t plant seeds in a garden full of weeds” You can’t put probiotics into a system that is overridden with bacteria, yeast/candida and expect it to work.  Clear it out and rebuild!!! 

Step 3:  I was at home in NY and saw a 20 day juice challenge on allaboutjuicing.com and decided to join.  The 20 days took me right up to my birthday and my goal was to be medicine free by that day.  I started juicing one 12oz glass per day and placing all the benefits into a clean gi tract.  I slowly weaned down on Pentasa and IBS meds during the 20 days.  I also went through a small detox phase of about 2 days, but I made it through!

**On my birthday, 20 days later, I was medicine free and symptom free!!!!! I was then inspired to share all of this information that I have gathered with you**

Medicine, surgery, and doctor’s visits are not an option for me – I wanted out and I made that happen!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Healing Crohn’s Disease: Step by Step

  1. If you would be so kind as to please share what you ate in a typical day while you did the juice challenge, I would so appreciate it!


    • Hi! No problem:) My diet has always been rather limited and everyone will be different, but this is what I ate each day. Breakfast – usually eggs were fine with some sort of chicken sausage, gluten free cereals, cream of rice, bananas, sometimes nuts for protein.
      Lunch – I learned to make extra the night before for dinner and then use that as my lunch. Here are some of my options at that time. Rice pasta is a staple and I would use chicken sausage to mix with that. Sometimes with olive oil and garlic which are great for you. I would also use a bit of tomato sauce in there. I ate white and brown rice. Turkey burgers, – not to high in fat like red meat. Chicken legs worked well for me also. I never just juice fasted – but I was careful to not eat foods that would inflame me and send me backwards. Anything made of rice was okay on my system.


      • Thank you so much! Now I am wondering if nowadays you are doing something similar or if your diet has changed significantly?


  2. I have been keeping it relatively the same because I am honestly afraid of ruining the progress I have made. One day I will be more adventurous and try new things, but I really want to fully rebuild everything first. After 5+ years of watching my diet, it is just so hard to eat new things. Have a great day Patty!!


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