What to expect when juice cleansing : The detox phase!!

Many people start juicing and begin to feel worse than they did before they started (The detox phase). The odds are that you have been eating an American diet for many years and you body is clogged up with a ton of toxins, bacteria and candida (yeast).  When I started the first few weeks of adding juice to my diet, I got headaches, felt tired and even got flu-like symptoms.  This was my body releasing years of toxins from my liver and other organs.  Some people even break out in pimples, but that will pass.  My GI tract also had an overgrowth of bacteria, candida(yeast) and possible parasites.  It takes a lot of mental strength to push through this phase, but everyone will go through it and the payoff is worth all the detox symptoms by far!  Once you make it through this phase and clear your body, you get mental clarity, a burst of energy all day long and a calm system overall.  I am so thankful that I did not give up during this phase and stuck with it.  Please read up on this so that you know what to expect as you start:)


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