Focusing on individual health conditions and the benefits of juicing

There are countless benefits that juicing can provide for just about any health condition.  I would like to open it up to you! Please let me know what condition you would like to learn more about and I will make it the topic of my next few posts.  I will include the specific fruit/veggie and why they will help your condition.  I will also include some recipe combos that will lead you to better health overall!! Let’s begin:)


10 thoughts on “Focusing on individual health conditions and the benefits of juicing

    • More than happy to help! You can buy it at the local supermarket and it looks like a small hand with fingers – roots. When you first start using in a juice, only use about a small half inch. It is pretty powerful and can cause the juice to be way to spicy if you made the mistake that I did and put a huge chunk in. That was a surprising day for me – haha. Some peel the skin off, but I don’t really bother. Let me know if you have any other questions:)


    • I forget if I responded. You can buy fresh ginger at your local grocery store. You can peel the skin off if you wish, but I just toss it into the juicer. Only use a small amount – like a half inch to start. Pretty powerful!!


  1. Hi. Your writing is very inspiring. I am borderline hypothyroid. Do you think I can overcome it with juicing.. I don’t want to be dependent on meds. Let me know your suggestion.


    • I think that it just might help because the veggies/fruits help to normalize hormone levels. The juicing also helps to strengthen the blood. I think it could be worth a shot If nothing else is working. I also have specific mixtures that should be good for that. Send me a message back later and I will give you a couple recipes:)


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