Acid forming food VS Alkaline

Acid forming food VS Alkaline

Another beneficial life change that I implemented was switching from foods that form acid to foods that are more alkaline and healing to the body.  Foods that are made with white bleached flour, sugar and wheat all turn into acid and over time can cause major problems within the gastrointestinal tract. The link above is a food chart that shows the foods that form acid and the foods that are alkaline.  It is interesting to see that the alkaline side is full of fruits and vegetables and that is why juicing works wonders!!! Everything that you juice is Alkaline and full of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes.  The result:  No acid reflux, weight loss, overall feeling of wellness and energy! Your body begins to renew itself and operate at an optimal level.  Take a look at the chart to see what you might be eating that may be doing more harm than good.


2 thoughts on “Acid forming food VS Alkaline

  1. You can get those same awesome results or better with Isagenix shake nutrtional system. It is better for you than juicing because you are getting more nutrients from the whole super foods instead of just the juice that can be hard on your stomach. Please contact me at 404-786-3061 to learn more about Isagenix!


    • I juice because with crohns/ibs you really have to be very careful with the amount of fiber that you take in. I agree that it would be great to get more of the whole fruit, but most can’t digest that. Juice is extremely easy to digest with fiber taken out. Thank you for your comment!!!:)


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