Juicing is not just for Crohns alone!! MS

Juicing helps to clear up numerous health conditions and most are a result of an autoimmune disease.  Multiple Sclerosis is one of these and is associated with inflammation.  It is connected to the immune system being overactive just like crohns and other inflammatory diseases.  The juice that you drink gets absorbed quickly 100% into the blood stream and reduces inflammation everywhere in the body.  Juicing can be extremely beneficial for MS due to this anti-inflammatory mechanism.  Juicing will cleanse the blood and organs and allow the system to function at an optimal level.  The juice also works to normalize hormone levels in the body.  All of these reasons should make one who has tried every treatment under the sun to think about giving juicing a good try for at least 30 days. The next post will take a look at how foods you eat can either become acid forming or the opposite which is alkaline. Juicing plays a huge part in this!!


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