Now let’s talk about juice!!!!

“Why can’t I just eat the fruit or veggie instead?”  The answer is that you don’t get 100% of the nutritional value when you eat it.  When you eat, your body uses a lot of energy to process and digest the fiber part of the fruit or veg and some is lost in the fiber.  When you juice, 100% of the vitamins, enzymes and nutrients go directly into your blood stream and the fiber is taken out of the equation.  These vitamins, enzymes and nutrients are not found in store bought juice.  This juice is heated and all of that is killed off so that it can last longer on the shelf.  When raw juice goes into your body it strengthens digestion, purifies the blood, attacks pre-cancerous cells and flushes out toxins in your organs.  Within 3-5 days, your body begins to detox and you begin to feel energized.  You start to feel clear minded at any hour of the day.  Your mood is also lifted as you clean out the toxins and balance hormone levels.  It is really an amazing feeling!!!! You start to lose weight as your body detoxifies and begins to run more efficiently.  In my next post, I will talk about certain health conditions and the fruit/veg combos that can help clear them out forever:) Get off of those symptom covering drugs for good and heal the body.  I’ve done it and it worked for me!!!


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