Big Diet Changes Step #1

I have come to the conclusion that the processed food that we eat in America is a major cause of many dangerous chronic health conditions/cancer.  In many other countries around the world there is a large decrease in chronic disease.  This is due to the fact that their government bans many harmful ingredients that we still use in American.  Our FDA is not looking out for us and it is up to the individual to now read labels and research what is harmful.  I truly believe that this is why I “had” crohn’s disease.  There are ingredients that when heated up in the body, turn into cancer causing chemicals.  They strip the body of good bacteria and throw your immune system off track.  This allows harmful bacteria to take over your digestive tract and you get colitis, ibs and crohn’s disease or cancer.  As you keep eating these chemicals, preservatives ect.. you just get deeper and deeper into the disease and it is very hard to get out.  So step one is to gut your house of processed “crap” food.  Grab a bag and gather it all up!  Next, take it to a shelter where they are in need.  After this, it is time for education and this will be the topic of my next step:  identify the most harmful ingredients/preservatives and know how to spot them in food.  Of course you can avoid all of that if you just go certified organic.


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