My Story

I was at age 31 and working out in a gym and I thought I was pretty healthy.  I was in great shape physically, but something was brewing inside that I was not prepared to face.  My diet was that of the typical american and I never thought about the food I put into my body.  What happened next was my gradual descent into pain, depression, hopelessness and worry.  The symptoms of Crohns took over my life and mind.  My doctor placed me on medicines that I later on learned were just band aides to cover the symptoms, but never actually fixed the cause of Crohns.  I was not happy and the thought of surgery in the future was not sitting well with me at all. I tried everything, food journals, different medicines, allergy tests and diets.  I finally had enough of the medical world and consulted an alternative health specialist.  He placed me on herbal supplements to cleanse my system for 2 months.  In addition to this I took high doses of probiotics.  I began to feel much better during this time and just about at the end of this I stumbled upon a juicing challenge for 20 days.  I decided to try this and bought a juicer.  I did one juice after work for 20 days without fail.  Guess what happened… I went from 20 pills a day to ZERO!! I have been pill free for over 2 months and I feel fantastic in every way. Stay tuned to this blog because I am about to show you how to rid yourself of this “incurable” disease and why juicing is something the doctors really don’t want you to know about.


5 thoughts on “My Story

  1. I have been following the Jason vale,detoxification,same principle as yours for 3 weeks and feel great I have also lost 12lbs in that time also my ibs hasn’t bothered me So like u I feel great


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