Crohn’s Disease + A Lifestyle Change That Works!

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Hello everyone! It has been quite a long while since my last post.  Rather than post daily about everything that I am doing, I thought I would give it a year of trial/error.

What’s new:

  • I can now eat/digest all foods with the exception of heavy cheese, spicy food and fried foods.
  • I am able to drink liquor, wine and beer again and survive the next day.
  • I usually only use the bathroom 1-2x per day as opposed to 3+ on most days.

Here is what worked for me and it takes a Lifestyle change to get there:

#3 is a big part of why I can now eat mostly anything!

  1.  I create and drink raw juices daily and alternate them with smoothies now.
  2.  I try to eat a whole foods diet where each ingredient is real.
  3.  I do a one day fast/cleanse on Sunday to flush everything out.  I then fill up with juices and probiotics to start the week.


  • Lialda – Crohn’s medication- ( 2x per day. Taken for fear of another obstruction happening)
  • Celexa – Stress that brings on a crohn’s flare–(I am a teacher)

My supplemental meds:

  • Fish Oil – This one is for triglyceride levels.
  • Digestive Enzymes – This is the key to help eat almost any food once you are healed.
  • Vitamin D – Docs orders!
  • Metamucil/Miralax – Keeps things from backing up leading to a possible obstruction.
  • Probiotics – Used on the cleanse day only to repopulate.

My newest addition to this lifestyle is the whole foods diet and exercise.  I am trying to get back down to my normal weight after being able to eat more of a variety.  So far after just 3 days – +5 pounds lost!

I do not know when I will post again because I really have said all I know in all of these posts.  Until then, have a great day! 🙂


My Natural Methods to Treat Crohn’s

It has been 8+ years now since diagnosis and I am still learning and experimenting.  I have been juicing fruits, veggies and herbs/super foods for just over 3 years straight now. My overall goal is to keep this disease from progressing and damaging my gi tract further. Up to 70% of those with Crohn’s will require surgery at some point.  I still take my Lialda medication as prescribed in addition to my natural treatments.

As I continue to include these natural treatments, I notice that I can handle a large variety of foods that I could never before.  My gi tract is not wearing itself away as in the first 2 years.  You can visually see this by looking in the toilet, which is important for anyone to do.

With that said, I practice a lot of natural treatments to get to this point.  I do this to an extent that I might be unique or thinking far differently from others with some of them.

  • The first thing is to learn about what to look out for on a nutrition label.  I am 100% convinced that certain harmful ingredients within food is harming the balance of flora.  This then causes your immune system to attack itself and to cause more imbalance.
  • I try to drink as much juice during the week as possible.  Try for 12-24oz of juice per day.  Yes this might be a lot, but surgery/doctors are expensive.
  • Try a 2-3 day Gi rest! The idea of this is to actually give your gi system a break from digesting and moving food.  This is where you only drink juice or smoothies for all meals.  I do this once a week on Sunday!
  • When all cleared out, I replace with strong probiotics and a potent green juice.  Let it all sit in your gut and repopulate/heal.

Repopulate GI Green Juice Recipe


  • 1 Bunch of Mint
  • 1 Bunch of Cilantro
  • 1 Bunch of Parsley
  • 2-3 cups of Kale

Sweet Cover

  • 1/4 Pineapple
  • 2 apples
  • 1 whole lemon
  • 3-4 clementines

Super Foods+Probiotics

  • Ginger or Tumeric Root
  • Naturewise 30 strains/30 Billion Count Time Release!

I hope you all enjoy your Easter Holiday and really take the time to look into this natural approach.  There are way too many people on Social Media that are having a very hard time with just the medical approach.  Some of the above needs to be added in my opinion.  Take care!! 🙂

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Resolution Time 2017

It is that time again, where many want to set a resolution for the new year.  I always get the same question around this time: How do I get started?  I thought I would make a quick guide to help anyone get started.  Now this shouldn’t be just a quick resolution, so aim for at least a full year of juicing/cleansing.  I am on year 3 and I do not plan to stop as I feel it is just part of my daily life now.

Step#1: Buy a good juicer that makes this easy!

The Breville Juice Fountain: The most powerful, fast and easy juicer out there! Put a baggie in the catcher, rinse off the parts when done.  Scrub just the blade/mesh basket with soap and water. Done!


Step #2:  Sign up for the FREE 30 day juicing challenge.  Tracee gives you free shopping lists and daily recipes that start out easy.  Toward the end, you get into the more advanced juices.



Step#3: Watch every video from Dan Mcdonald, Jay Kordich, Rawfully Kristina and Jason Vale.  These people are very inspirational and provide great tips, recipes and health information.






Step #4: (Optional Cleansing)

Herbal once a week cleansing:

Oregano oil:

As always, I am available for any questions you have.  Have a happy New Year ahead!!!!


Creamy Sweet Citrus: Immunity


I have made this same recipe over the past few days for a few reasons.  The first is that it tastes fantastic!  The second is that I am shooting for a strong immune system as everyone around me is sick with some kind of sinus/cough/everything else. haha.  The last is that my Breville Juicer broke and I can only juice soft produce with my manual one. I did use a bullet to blend in the avocado though.

Creamy Citrus Immunity

  • 3-4 Clementines
  • 2 Large Oranges
  • 1 Med Apple
  • 2-3 handfuls of Kale

Juice these ingredients and add to your blender/bullet with 1/2 avocado.  Place in the orange or apple first and then build the kale on top of it for high speed juicers.

The clementines have 120% vitamin C in just 2.  The Oranges have less vitamin C, but are still beneficial.  The Kale is also great for immunity and the avocado is a super food!

I love this easy mix and if I had my real juicer working, I would be cranking these out more often.  I hope you enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!!!

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**The Beet Transit Test**

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The article link above provides some excellent information on how to check your colon health and to keep it as healthy as possible.  I do a beet transit test each Sunday as part of my mock fecal transplant therapy that I have posted about many times.

For a normal human you should start to see beet red stool after about 18-24 hours of consuming it.  When you have cleansed everything out as I have mentioned before, you see that much faster and you know you are now clear.

This test can tell you a lot of things.

  1. If you never see the beets: you are really constipated and slow moving in the gi.
  2. If you see it too quickly and you have not cleansed, you have IBS-D active.
  3. If you see it in about 12+ hours, you are doing pretty well.

Here is my recipe for today and it was pretty tasty also:

Beet Transit Juice + Choice probiotic

  • 3 small/med beets
  • 3 apples
  • 1/2 bag cranberries
  • 1/2 lemon
  • Coconut water to taste

Please consider the weekly cleanse.  I cleanse out with herbal and PH water.  I drink this juice and take probiotics to reseed the gi tract.

Have a great week ahead :):)

Crohn’s: Reset the Flora

***I know this post seems repetitive, but it is vital to anyone’s treatment protocol***

Crohn’s Disease is the result of the immune system attacking healthy tissue, harmful bacteria and beneficial bacteria.  Did the poor bacteria balance activate the immune response or did the immune response cause the imbalance? This is the chicken or the egg for Crohn’s.  So what is the answer?

The answer is, I don’t know or care – haha.  All I know is that good vs bad bacteria is involved in this whole mix. I can manipulate the flora at least.

Here are my prescription drugs: I consider this to be level #1 and not the most extreme.

  • Lialda = Crohn’s inflammation drug: Keeps a potential future blockage at bay.
  • Viberzi = IBS-D drug: Slows down the gi to limit surprise bathroom trips.
  • Celexa = Anti-stress/Anxiety drug: The stress of life and my job.

These drugs are great and they work for me personally, but they are truly band-aid options and I am fully aware of this – haha. The problem is that many people will just take these medications and avoid certain foods without doing something to improve or change their flora.  

  • Taking a strong probiotic is just not enough on its own – I know, I’ve tried!

I am in the middle of my Sunday Cleanse, where I have evacuated everything like a colonoscopy would do (no TMI here).  I used a lot of water and a natural cleanse supplement to flush out everything to start with a clean slate.

I am now about to create a juice and now take the probiotics to create a super healthy environment.  This probiotic now has a chance to work and overtake anything that still remains after the cleanse.

My goal is to truly stay on the first level of drug management and not to get to the immune system suppressing drugs or surgery.

Order of Attack:

  1. Cleanse = Water, Juice, Herbal, Supplement:
  2. Replace = Juice, Probiotics
  3. Maintain = Juice, Oregano Oil, Garlic, Digestive Enzymes

I leave you with Dan McDonald.  Follow him and learn!  Take care ya’ll :):):)


**Advice Needed**

I went for my yearly check up at the GI and he ordered a blood test along with a quick x-ray to see how things were going.  My goal for this appointment was to get a new IBS management medicine that I could take after using the bathroom.  This would prevent having to run to the bathroom 1-2 hours later which is annoying when teaching 20 students.

The x-ray said that I was a little constipated along the gi tract and the new medicine would cause a big problem for me down the road.

Here is the problem: I cleanse out completely on Sunday.  There is literally nothing left in the colon.  By Wednesday for the x-ray, I was already a bit constipated????

It is obvious to me that I am not breaking down, digesting and using the food I eat! It literally builds up to so much waste.  This was a clear colon on Sunday and constipated by Wednesday with normal movements mixed in!

I am obviously lacking something that breaks the food down so that there is not so much waste left behind.

I know digestive enzymes would do the trick, but which type can you actually trust?? What are your experiences or thoughts?


Crohn’s: Breaking the Cycle

Hello everyone!  It has been a while, but I guess it is good to be busy with life.  I wanted to talk about what I believe to be the sequence that starts the cycle of Crohn’s and how we might break that cycle.

The Crohn’s Cycle: My View(opinion)

  1. Antibiotics throughout your lifetime+ possible genetic predisposition.
  2. Food going in that has the wrong nutrients and tons of chemicals/preservatives.
  3. Gut flora begins to do a flip flop of good vs bad bacteria.
  4. The immune system reacts and attacks all bacteria and tissue. 
  5. Crohn’s develops due to a compromised immune system and harmful bacteria overgrowth.

The medication used is for inflammation and lowering immune response, but not aimed at the compromised topsy turvy flora.  Some don’t know what to eat or try to eat the right food. Some try taking probiotics, but they get lost in the trillions of harmful bacteria and yeast.  The cycle keeps on going until something drastic is done like surgery.  Now I would never question someone’s decision to go with surgery.  They have had a unique path and they should be the only ones to make decisions.

How can we brake the cycle?

(Take your medicine as prescribed throughout) = I have learned the hard way to stop.

Picture a garden full of bugs, weeds, mushrooms and other crap you do not want in your garden.  You can put pure water on it and fertilizer for food.  You can put seeds all around as well.  Your garden may respond to healthy additions, but odds are it will not survive with all that harsh stuff in there.  (This of course is your Gi Tract)

I know I am repeating myself, but this is why fecal transplants begin to work!! Everything is evacuated and replaced with healthy flora, bacteria and yeast.

Here would be my steps: ( I am currently doing this weekly)

  1. Eat more organic/pure food and get rid of the commercial food from big companies.
  2. Begin to drink pure juices of course to help flush out the bad and bring in good. 
  3. Do a weekly cleanse once a week. (IMPORTANT)
  4. RIGHT After this cleanse bring in the juice, turmeric, strong probiotics, ECT..
  5. Repeat from #1 and start to totally change the environment inside the Gi.

This is all based on what I believe to be common sense.  If you have crazy stuff growing in your gi and or garden, you need to clear that stuff out and then add in the good stuff/seeds.

(I do take my medicine for Crohn’s to prevent any swelling from stress)  I call stress the silent poison!!! I strive to be chill at all times!! – I am a teacher – haha

Have a great week!!:)